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Life Without Proper Internet

At first, I thought it was liberating, but now, as I type this on my iPhone, I grow weary of limited technology. I have gotten soft in my old age.
It was nice to pry myself away from the big glowing screen; to read books, and spend more time playing guitar with my son. And when I did sit in front of the computer, I actually got more work done on my novel.
I hate being addicted to anything, and when I find that I am controlled by anything, I quit. I used to do a lot of drugs when I was younger, and when it got to be a habit, I quit. Just like that.
Same with cigarettes, and alcohol, and coffee, and women. When I am ready to be done, I am done.
But, due to our new society, the Internet is such a harder beast to conquer. I still need it for so many things. And then, there’s this whole blogging thing, which I feel controls me too much as it is.
I have fantasies of going off the grid one hundred percent and shedding all of these electronic shackles, but I think I just need to know what is happening in this world too much.
Next month, I expect to have a new job which will help me to afford proper Internet again in the near future, and I’m sure that I will get sucked back into the whole electronic, narcissistic world.
I do enjoy reading everyone’s blog, and I will continue to do so as long as I have access.
But I really hate the feeling of being controlled!!!



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