War of the Rosemonts

Not one of my best stories, but I added a video of the song to go with the lyrics.

It's a Blog About Nothing

(Based on a song I wrote in 2011 called Circles)

Four brothers, governing an empire built by six generations of Rosemonts, rule their own corners of the kingdom. The eldest, Edward, is the namesake of the father and the natural heir to the highest seat of the household. Henry, the second eldest, competitively attempts to show his brother that he is equally capable of running the family business should anything, God forbid, ever happen to Edward. George, the forgotten third child, is relegated to the furthest reaches of the empire–a sort of exile, if you will, to keep him out of trouble. Finally, Richard, the youngest and most devoted to his eldest brother, acts as the voice of reason for the family.

Now, wicked George has fomented a rebellion against the family. Tired of being consigned to the nether reaches of the House of Rosemont, George first tries to recruit…

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