The Traveler

I am not a fan of country music; certainly not modern pop country music, but I have never been one to deny my roots.
I grew up in Northern California, near Central California, which is the center of Oakie-dom. I never did understand why so many Californians had hillbilly accents until it was pointed out to me that all the Oakies that came here during the Depression never left. Duh! (My Mom says that they can all go back home, now).
Musically, I grew up listening to my parents’ John Denver records…and John Stewart, and Kris Kristofferson, and Mickey Newbury, and countless other like-minded artists.
As I got older and developed my own tastes, I listened to a lot of Grateful Dead, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan; which all included plenty of country and folk music.
It’s in my blood.
So, while I am a rocker at heart, and I think that modern country music is an abomination, I still tend to write songs with a countryish flair to them.
This one is called “The Traveler”, and it is one if my personal favorites. It’s more folksy than country, but it is a bit different than my usual fare.
It’s an old song, but not a very old song. I tend to not pay much attention to anything written before 1997, and this was written in 2000.
Anyway, here it is. I hope you enjoy it.
There are plenty of other songs on my YouTube page, so please feel free to browse around. As always, all comments are welcome.



The Traveler – by Joel Marckx


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