The Kimberly Trip

The Kimberly Trip is an Alternative Power-Pop band out of Sacramento, California. The founding members Jeffry Wynne Prince (guitarist) and Dave “Bractune” Meyer (drums) have been in bands together since the early-1980s before creating one of Sacramento’s finest Rock bands in 2001. With the addition of Jeffry Wynne’s wife, the lovely Kimberly (Kimberlina), The Kimberly Trip was born.

They have consistently released fantastic Power-Pop albums since 2002s Not Compatible With my System, and have recently released their latest album, Unicorns, Glitter, and Heartache. Their songs thrive on a sense of irony and humor, and their videos are creative masterpieces.

I have yet to listen to the newest album, but I’ll have to remedy that very soon. It promises to be a “lo-fi, epic album”, and I can’t wait. It has been too long since their last release.

They act nerdy, but they are Gods in Sacramento!

They act nerdy, but they are Gods in Sacramento!

Their newest bass player, Michaelandrew, seems to be a perfect fit for the band. Let’s hope so! Their bass players seem to die tragically a la Spinal Tap’s drummers. Their previous bassist was not a good fit, and the band seemed to suffer a mild setback because of it.

Either way, I recommend that you all check out some of their work. Certainly buy their newest album, but also check out their old classics as well. There are at least a dozen crowd favorites from their catalog that they play at every show, lest they incite a riot from their fans.

And with that said, do go see them in concert. Their shows are an experience, even if they seem like an insiders-only kind of party. You will feel like you have missed-out on some very vital memo if you do go to see them and do not know the proper way to “cha-cha” to each of their songs, but you will have fun anyway.

I believe that Jeffry Wynne and Bractune are the main songwriters for TKT, although everybody seems to add their two-cents. They write very playful, fun pop–the kind of song that I always wished I could write. I respect and envy their skills!

Skills include wardrobe coordination.

Skills include wardrobe coordination.

Full disclosure: Jeffry Wynne Prince was the first friend I made when my family moved from South Sacramento to Fair Oaks in 4th-grade. I have also known Dave Meyer since the 7th-grade. However, this does not create a bias in my review since the band is so great, anyway.

Here are a few videos of some of my favorite songs. Give them a whirl, and go check them out live. They will be in the Pacific Northwest this weekend, and then back in the NorCal area later this month. I believe we can expect more tour dates coming up for the Summer, as well. Go to their website for more video and audio clips, bio, pics, and more info…

I wanted to embed some individual videos, but I can only link to the entire playlist. This annoys me! However, you can go watch a bunch of their videos at your leisure. I recommend, “Just What I Wanted”, “Trouble Again”, and “Give Up.”

And here is a good clip of them live…


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