Great Googly Moogly – My 101th Post!

Hey Guys!  This is my 101th post (pronounced “one hundred and oneth”), which means that earlier today I hit 100 with Grateful Dead.  My stats say that I have posted 108 times, but seven of those were reposts, and so I won’t count those.

I am proud of myself for reaching this milestone.  When I started on December 27th, I expected to post everyday in the hopes of improving my writing.  I think that I am well on my way with that goal.  My intent was to write a bunch of fiction, read a bunch of blogs, learn a bunch of stuff, and that is exactly what I am doing.  My end goal in all of this is to have a completed novel sometime within a year or so, which I will then agonize over eternally with edits and rewrites.

I am ever so grateful for my 153 followers ( not to mention all the Facebook folks), and I hope that I have entertained you all in some way.  I am puzzled over some of my stats, however.  I realize that I write a weird, random selection of topics with no real unified theme, and so I expect that certain posts will do better than others, but my all-time top post puzzles me.

On February 19, I wrote a post about my own personal top-10 Alternative Love Songs.  To this day, I still get 10-12 hits on that post each day.  Why?  I suppose it is because of Google searches, but who needs to know about other people’s own top-10 lists about Alternative Love Songs?  It’s weird.

The internet is weird!

Anyway, I have enjoyed my ride here, and I will continue to write random randomness.  But only if you continue to keep stopping by.  Promise?

It’s a date.

Thanks, Everybody!




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2 responses to “Great Googly Moogly – My 101th Post!

  1. I must be googly moogly too – coz i am loving this challenge too – good luck with your future endeavours

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