Driving Ambition

Today’s A to Z Challenge post is brought to you by the letter “D”.

I decided today to share a song I wrote a long time ago. I had almost forgotten that it existed before seeing it in my old songbook. The song is called “Driving Ambition”, and I have no idea why. I think the title attached itself to the music before I ever wrote the lyrics.

I wrote the lyrics in a flash. I remember the day perfectly, especially since I got a call from the restaurant that I worked at saying they had closed down, and I needed to come and get my last check. This had no effect on the song, since I was in the zone and had my mojo working. The song was writing itself. No distraction would take me away from it.

The lyrical content is sort of vague; I guess I have always thought that it was about seeing our lives in this world as artificial trappings, and wanting to better ourselves somehow before we die. It also has a touch of the angst I have always felt from growing up Catholic and trying to believe that prayer solves every problem, but then ultimately realizing that is bullshit. I don’t want to get into a theological debate with anyone–been there, done that, had my fill–but that is how I have always felt about it.

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

Driving Ambition

Written by: Joel C. Marckx


Who believes the mirror never lies?

Who says we all must live to die?

I have seen the daylight turn to night

And I have trouble believing what’s not in sight

I’d like to believe that the mirror is good

I’d like to go on knowing it’s understood

But I don’t really care…

I know it’s fine

It all takes time

Who says the mirror never lies?

Behind the reflection is a big surprise

And I’d like to cross to the other side

So I can shed my skin before I die

Remove these chains of vanity and fear

So I can see the change while I’m still here

Maybe I do really care…

Maybe there’s hope

Maybe there’s a prayer

Jesus Christ, when will we meet?

I’ve heard so much, and still you’re so discreet

When are you coming to take us all home?

I’d like to never again feel so alone

I wish I were naïve enough to believe in you

I’d like to put my faith in what you do

I suppose I’ll never understand…

I don’t have hope

I don’t have a prayer


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