Distilled in My Eyes

Well, I was writing out the lyrics for “Driving Ambition” for my last post, and on the page before it in my songbook is another oldie that I almost forgot about. This one is called “Distilled in My Eyes”, and although I have always loved the lyrics, I never felt comfortable with the music that I wrote for it. I have completed music that I like, but it all feels kinda clunky when I play it, and so I rarely ever did. I do not think that anyone has ever heard this song.

Anyway, I just read over them, and I want to share them with you all today.l It works out nicely that it, too, fits the “D” theme for today’s A to Z Challenge, so I’m giving away a freebie. It’s Two-fer Thursday!

The lyrics to this song deal with how personally fans take the deaths of their idols, and forget that they were real people, too; with real families and friends who were grieving real loss. I wrote this while I was still reeling from the death of Jerry Garcia, and still had Kurt Cobain’s suicide on my mind. Shortly after I had written this, Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon died, and so the song felt apropos to me for a long time.

I got to thinking about how much I missed all these artists that I loved, and I forgot that I never actually knew any of them. What about their friends and families? If I felt a loss, I couldn’t imagine what their loss was like. So, I tried to write from the perspective of a celebrity’s friend or relative.

And so, here it is: “Distilled in My Eyes.” (Don’t ask me what the hell that even means).

Distilled in My Eyes

Written by: Joel C. Marckx


This is the first day and the last day all in one

The Alpha and Omega—the moon and the sun

I just lost my friend to the vacuums in the sea

It all seems too ironic to be another casualty

But he lived his life on crutches to tune out everyone

For him the day has ended—for us, it’s just begun

Ben left us this morning with nothing much to see

He wants to be forgotten so he can finally be free

But I still have my memories distilled in my eyes

So I can see what I want to see, and never mind the lies

He may have been your hero, a man above all men

For you he may have been a God, but for me, he was my friend

Won’t you please let him be

Let him please rest in peace

I almost wish you knew him so you’d know just how I feel

To watch a living legend crash and burn and know it’s real

‘Coz you only saw the good side, you never saw him cry

You never saw him fall to Earth, you never saw him die

We’re all feeling selfish ‘coz we know that it’s the end

We’ll never see him sing or laugh or smile or cry again

So won’t you please let him be

Let him please rest in peace



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