Wednesday Morning Earworm – “Computer Age”, by Sonic Youth

In keeping with the A to Z Challenge, today’s earworm is a cover of Neil Young’s “Computer Age” by Sonic Youth.  I did not want to change my regular Wednesday theme of posting the song that pops into my head the moment that I woke up, but I put a little forethought into this earworm for the sake of the challenge.

“Computer Age” originally comes from Neil Young’s “Trans” album, released in 1982.  “Trans” is a weird album that even the most die-hard of Neil Young fans tend to bash.  The album is Neil’s first experiment with electronic music; an experiment that continues on 1986’s “Landing on Water” and 1987’s “Life.”

Sonic Youth’s cover sounds like what Neil Young might have done with this song if he had Crazy Horse backing him instead of the Trans Band.  It is wild and loud, and everything one expects when Neil Young straps on an electric guitar.  In other words, Sonic Youth did this song correctly!

I love Neil, so don’t get me wrong, but the 80s were a weird time for him, and Trans was a reflection of his need for change.  Still, when I hear Sonic Youth play this song, I long for what might have been if Neil had chosen to make a more conventional Neil album.

This version from Sonic Youth can be found on the remastered version of their classic “Daydream Nation”, which also contains a brilliant cover of George Harrison’s, “Within You, Without You.”

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this.

Happy Wednesday!



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4 responses to “Wednesday Morning Earworm – “Computer Age”, by Sonic Youth

  1. I am unfamiliar with the original and the cover. It did seem like Neil dropped off the face of music for most of the 80s. I didn’t even notice. The last good LP was Hey Hey My My and I think that was 1979 or 80. I was pretty into punk & new wave till 83 or so.

  2. Hey cool! A Neil song I’ve never heard done by Sonic Youth in a song I’ve never heard? Bonus!

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