Birthday Yoga

So, as I’ve been posting all week about Liam’s birthday, I thought I would share how the day went. No big celebrations; not even any cake. His actual party with his buddies will be on Saturday, but we still managed to celebrate lightly today anyway.

In case you can't see that, he is 70 inches tall.  70 friggin' inches!

In case you can’t see that, he is 70 inches tall. 70 friggin’ inches!

Today was a school day, but I got to sub at his school, which was nice. So much better than rushing to drop him off, then rushing to the school that I teach, and then rushing back to pick him up again. I didn’t teach any of his classes, but I got to remind all of his friends that it was his birthday so that he could get even more attention at school!

I’ve mentioned before that things have been pretty rough for me financially for the past couple years, and things are crumbling down like a house of cards as I type, so I couldn’t even afford any gifts for him. I’ll make up for it next month (hopefully), but for today, I took him to a place where people love him and were happy to see him on his birthday. I am talking, of course, about the yoga studio.

Toe Stand.

Tree pose.

Everybody just loves Liam there, and since we have been going for two years now, they have watched him grow up. The studio owner always jokes about how she has watched him grow armpit hair! Plus, he is an amazing yogi, so there’s also a heap of respect for him.

Camel Pose.  One of our instructors thinks we should use this as a Christmas Card.

Camel Pose. One of our instructors thinks we should use this as a Christmas Card.

Everyone at the studio sang Happy Birthday to him during “Triangle Pose”. It’s a tradition in our studio, and is always a relief since it makes holding the posture much shorter!

My spine may be as stiff as a 2x4, but I can frickin' do a mean Rabbit Pose!

My spine may be as stiff as a 2×4, but I can frickin’ do a mean Rabbit Pose!

So after some much needed yoga, we came home to my world famous lasagna. My lasagna is pretty amazing, and it is no wonder that Liam requested it as his special birthday dinner. We always joke that it is so good that we can’t stop eating it, and so we eat shameful and embarrassing amounts.

This applies to lasagna, as well.

This applies to lasagna, as well. And then we eat it all in one night.

After sating our gluttonous appetites, he played some Soundgarden for me that he learned recently on the bass and guitar. I am always impressed by how quickly he can learn songs. I used to have to teach him everything. Now, he goes off to his Mom’s house, and when he returns 3 days later, he has a bevy of new songs to play for me! Sweet!

Before bed, we read more of “Inkheart” together (I love that book, BTW), and got ready for the next school day. Rather anticlimactic, but there you have it.

Someday, all of this money bullshit will be behind me, and I can do the things I want. For now, however, Liam doesn’t really care about any of that. He loves his Papa, and is grateful for the time we have together. That is more than enough for me!


The post-yoga and lasagna glazed-over look.


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