Another Song for Liam

Okay, one final post for “Liam’s Birthday Week”, before I return to whatever it is that I do around here. Ever since he was a very small child, I have encouraged him to remember every single moment of his life. I always say, “It’s your life; you only get one, and it is well worth remembering.” I hope that when he is 44 years old, he is not struggling to remember all the little details in life. All the places that we played, all the trips we took, all the Christmases, Thanksgivings, 4th of July’s, all the books we read, all the birthdays, all of his friends, all of the laughs, etc…

I want him to value every second of his life because at some point, the older little things will want to start falling away in favor of the here and now. It happens to everybody, and I am certain that it will happen to him to some extent, but I hope that it doesn’t.

I pride myself on having a good memory; in fact, I end up correcting my sister about some minor detail from our childhood every time we get together. But even the great rememberers like myself have large gaping holes missing from their lives.

Anyway, that is the intent in this song I wrote about 6 years ago or so. It is not my strongest lyric, but I feel that it conveys the sentiment that I have always shared with him.

Another Song for Liam

Joel C. Marckx


When you are my age, I hope you’ll remember all the fun

We had on rainy days and in the sun

Oceans, mountains, roller coasters, and Frisbee in the park

Or sitting on the couch and reading stories until dark

When you are my age, I hope you will remember this

There is nothing more important than your life’s experience

Family, friends, and lovers are never very far

And everything I did for you was to help you take to heart

That you will always be my superstar

When you are my age, I hope you aren’t living life too fast

Just remember: cruise on the right, and use the left lane to pass

There’s more to every life than money, cars, and fame

And if you are true and honest, there’s no reason to feel shame

You are bound to be the brightest superstar

You are my greatest treasure, my greatest source of pride

When you are my age I hope you’ll know that I always loved you

And I always knew you’d be a superstar

And here is a video of the song so that you can put a melody to the lyrics.
Another Song for Liam


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