Wednesday Morning Earworm – Phish, “Stash”

In keeping with the theme of Liam’s Birthday week, today’s earworm will be his favorite song, “Stash.”

This particular version comes from the live album, “A Live One”, which is a particularly stellar version of the song.  The song was recorded at the July 8, 1994 show at the old Great Woods Amphitheatre in Mansfield, MA.

Stash is one of Tray Anastasio’s more complex compositions to begin with, but the jam they add into this version gets out there.  They make great use of the “tension and release” technique of jazz improvisation; building the jam to dissonant heights, and then falling peacefully back into the main themes.  It is fantastic, and it is no wonder why they put it on their first live album.

The song itself is a jazzy composition that hearkens back to Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington, with a Frank Zappa twist.  It’s funny; back in the old, old, old, days, I remember that Phish used to sound so weird to me.  But now that I have listened to them for a couple decades, it all sounds so normal now.

So, with no further delay, please enjoy The Phish, from Vermont!

I couldn’t find the whole song on one video, so pardon the split.


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