A Song for Liam

My son’s birthday is coming up in a couple days, and it has been stirring all sorts of emotion and memories in me. He will be 13, so he is no longer a little boy. Of course, he is 5’10, so he hasn’t been a “little” boy in quite some time.

I think back to the time when his mother, Heather, was pregnant, and my impending fatherhood was, well, impending. It was a rather turbulent time in our lives: we were having marital problems; I was trying to shift careers and go back to school; and my Grandmother had just passed away, and we were trying to buy her old house. Heather and I had nearly split-up the previous Summer, and Liam was the result of us deciding that we did not want to divorce, and that we really wanted to work things out.

Too much information.

Anyway, sometime in November 1999, we did the ultrasound to discover the baby’s gender. Once we learned it was a boy, we were relieved since we had only one boy name and about 5 girls names from which to choose. We knew that if it were a boy, his name would be Liam Gabriel. If it were a girl, we may still be fighting over Emma or Hannah.

So, I was held in amazement by the fact that Heather was growing a beautiful little boy inside of her. I used to massage her belly every day and talk to Liam, just to make my presence known. This must be why Liam and I have always been so close. It was a bonding experience for all three of us. Neither she nor I would leave the house without me saying “goodbye” and “I love you” to the belly.

Soon after the ultrasound, I wrote this song. It expresses my elation and trepidation of becoming a responsible parent, and the joy of finally meeting my son when the day finally arrived.


Joel C. Marckx


Through spacious skies creation flies to mysteries within

Without a care for when or where, time passes by for him

In spacious skies where Liam lies just below the skin

I feel his kick, it’s just as soft as a butterfly’s kiss

Am I ready for this

I’ve been waiting for this

To look into my own eyes through the eyes of

The sacred mother of all creation

Time will pass though looking glass as if it were never here

Silence in emotions fades and comfort lies in fears

In my dreams where Liam sleeps, quiet, safe, and warm

I hear his heartbeat whisper soft in seas that remain calm

Am I ready for this

I’ve been waiting for this

To reach far back in time and hold myself

In simple wonder of our creation

And here 's me singing the song to him about a year later.

And here ‘s me singing the song to him about a year later.

And here is a video of the song so that you can put a melody to the lyrics.



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6 responses to “A Song for Liam

  1. Beautiful lyrics and a beautiful story. 🙂

  2. Great lyrics for a great human person! Somewhere there was a poem or song I wrote for you, and one for your sister. But fortunately for the two of you I believe they are lost.

  3. He is one tall guy for a 13 year old… Man!!! Congratulations to him and you!!!
    Hi. For your wonderful posts, I have nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

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