Prog Rock Sunday – Rush, “Xanadu”

Happy Sunday, all.  It is time for more Progressive Rock extravagance.  Today’s entry; “Xanadu”, by Rush.  There were so many different Rush songs that I could have chosen; and I’ve been on a real Rush kick lately, but I chose this because a) it is my favorite Rush song, and b) it is the song that introduced me to Progressive Rock.

Before I discovered Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, or King Crimson, I fell in love with Rush’s “A Farewell to Kings” album.  I borrowed it from my friend’s brother, and I think my family kept it for months before returning it (my mom and sister fell in love with it, as well).  This was in 1980, when Permanent Waves and “Spirit of Radio” hit the airwaves, so we were a few years behind, but we still loved this album.  And it was a perfect introduction to something greater.

About a year later, I joined the Columbia House Record Club, where you could get 12 records (LPs) for a penny, and you only had to buy 5 more at regular price in three years.  Of those original 12 records, I think I bought only Rush, Genesis, and Led Zeppelin.  I know we eventually got the entire Rush catalog soon after joining.

Some would argue that Rush is not a “real” Prog Rock band because they were a Hard Rock band first, and then later abandoned any semblance of Prog Rock by 1982.  To that, I say, “Bah!”  Rush is a true Prog Rock band, even if they only did it for a few years.  Check out 2112, Hemispheres, and A Farewell to Kings.  Check out “Natural Science” from Permanent Waves, or “Camera Eye” from Moving Pictures.  They are the real deal.

Oh, and since they are all Canadian, I will just assume that there is some Irish blood somewhere in the band, so there is your St. Patrick’s Day nod.

Anyway, here it is.  I hope you enjoy.  If nothing else, please enjoy Geddy Lee in leggings and a Kimono!



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2 responses to “Prog Rock Sunday – Rush, “Xanadu”

  1. A Farewell To Kings is one of my favorite Rush albums. ‘Xanadu’, ‘Cinderella Man’, and ‘Cygnus X1’… Classics.

    • As I said, this album runs deep in my DNA I think the song “A Farewell to Kings” is grossly underrated. Easily in my top 10 Rush songs. “Xanadu” still stands at #1.

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