Inspired by a song I wrote in 1997, which was inspired by a series of poetry written by my friend, Kevin Goodman.

I am Mousehunter. I am Lord of these woods. I track the perimeter of this isolated cabin in search of my prey; the creators of tiny noises in the silent night; the destroyers of my prized peace.

I left the land of high-rises and din for twenty acres and an old log cabin. Rain seeps through the roof and soaks the floors and furniture, but it reminds me that there is still a world outside. The world that I left behind.

Somehow, it lurks in the shadows of my new home; stalking me and attempting to lure me back. Somehow they know where to find me, and how to break my spirit.

But, I am Mousehunter. I am Lord of this cabin. Lord of these woods.

At night, the mice scurry throughout my realm, searching for food, and feasting on my dreams. They tear at my strength and weaken my will. At the edge of darkness, they feel safe. I am at my own edge.

I am Mousehunter.

I traded my mansion for a shack on the hill. A good place to rest my feet, with time to kill. I traded in the Rat Race for a mouse hunt. All the old ghosts know the best places to haunt. Loose thoughts wander around late at night. But I know how to set them right.

I am Mousehunter.

Naked and mad, firing into the walls and the furniture. The mice will soon know their place, just as I know mine.

I am Mousehunter, at the edge of madness, waiting for sunlight to bring me dreams.

I only wish to get my hands on something that will stay still for a little while. I tried to grab hold of something real, but everything I touched killed my sense of feel.

I am Mousehunter. I am Lord of these woods and everything within these walls.

What time is it anyway? So long been chasing shadows. Poised to strike at anything that I can shoot tonight. I still hear them in the silence of shooting stars and falling rains.

The page was blank, and without color.

I am Mousehunter.


Written by: Joel C. Marckx and Kevin Goodman

September 16, 1997

A cabin driven slowly to madness

Sounds flicker from tree to tree

The hunter stands at the edge of darkness

Waiting for sunlight to bring him dreams

Eyes piercing, and feet planted

Gut rot, and heart decay

All the same, it’s still the end of

The way I thought about things today

I can’t explain, it must be this time of year

So, where you been? I’m feeling the same old fear again and again

Big Bear, ‘97

A Slice of Heaven in my private Hell

Hang tight to a rope that’s weathered

A special feeling I know all too well

Cool breeze in blistering sunlight

Punctured eyes see that nothing fits

Bound by the Morton’s chain-gang

And the Rio City roach pit

Thoughts and dots, connect, shut up, don’t ask

So where you been? Shooters following tracks in my dreams

Dangling from strings in the hands of puppets

Sitting still, smiling every now and then

Another day, so far, so weird

Making sure the disease still spreads

(This is actually song #1 of a series of 10 songs created from those old poems. I originally intended to make a concept album.)



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2 responses to “Mousehunter

  1. “A slice of Heaven in my private Hell”

    Really cool line.

    • Thanks. About half the song comes from my friend’s poetry, with some of my additions to give it cohesion. That line just happens to me mine, and I’m pretty proud of it!

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