You and I

Based on a 2011 song I wrote called, “You and I”

“I swear I will never understand you.”

“And that’s the problem!”

Chris and Kris were best friends, lovers, and soulmates for nearly 15 years, but their time had ended. For years, they had expected that they were meant for each other, and when they realized that they could go no further, they were confused by the other’s absence. Therefore, they never really left the other.

“I thought we had agreed that we would remain friends”, Chris said in an exasperated tone.

“And we have been great friends—so great that I really believe that we should try this again.” Kris was scared and angry, and she felt a distance that she had never known could exist between them.

Chris felt as though he were repeating himself. “I thought we were both content with how things have been between us. We have never been better friends.”

“And that is exactly why I feel as though there is so much more between us. Still. After all this time.”

“We put each other through Hell when we were together. Why would you ever want to go there again?”

Kris tried not to shout, but her frustration was growing. “Who cares about the past? Look at what we are today. I don’t care about what happened before. All of that was so long ago, and we have both grown so much; do you really think we would ever behave again like we did before?”

She could only try to get Chris to take a deeper look into his soul and hope that he would come around. Yet, she knew he was lost forever. Chris had moved on and burned the bridge behind him. Sure, they would always be connected—be friends—but they could never go back to the intimacy that once defined them.

“If you are so sure that there is nothing left between us,” Kris started, “so sure that we can never be anything other than just another friend to each other, then why do you keep calling me? Why are you still here?”

“Because, we aren’t done with each other, yet, obviously”, Chris replied. “We still need each other…for something, I don’t know. I couldn’t imagine my life without you, but that doesn’t mean I want another relationship with you. I am quite sure that chapter is closed for good”

“Well, you had better figure out what you need me for, because I am quite sure that I need you for more than just another friend.”

“But our lives have gone in such different directions…”

“Figure it out, and get back to me. You were never just a friend, and you can’t start now.” Kris walked away forcing a solitary tear to stay in her eye.

You and I

Written by: Joel C. Marckx

June 4, 2011

Once upon a time, there were two souls

Running in and out each other’s lives

Looking for a hand and heart to hold

Looking for a chance to get it right

Once, I was content to let you go

Once I was so pleased to leave you be

We were traveling different roads

Together, there was nothing left to see

But everywhere I go, and everything I do

Everyone I see, I turn to find it’s always you

But if I am not good enough for you

Then why are you still always here with me?

I cannot trust the words you say are true

I cannot trust anything I see

You’ve got bruises on your head from banging on the wall

I’ve got bruises of my own, but you’ll never see me too afraid to fall

I am not sure you know what’s best for you

I cannot trust you are what’s best for me

I wonder if there’s more for us to do

I wish I could again just leave you be

But, I come lapping at your feet just to hear my name

Pouring from your mouth, still I know it’s never quite the same

And every time I run far, far away

I know that you’d be there waiting for me

Cursing me for being in your life

Begging me to finally set you free

You can live your life running from the past

I’d rather look ahead, I cannot seem to get there too fast

So, if I am not good enough for you

Then why are you still always here with me?

I cannot trust you know what’s best for you

No longer do I trust you are best for me

(And here is a video of the song so that you can put a melody to the lyrics)

You and I


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