Don’t You Just Hate it When…

…you just cannot get into the book you are reading?  I am struggling with “Son of a Witch”, by Gregory Maguire.  I liked “Wicked”, and I also enjoyed “Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister”, but with “Son of a Witch”, I am not engaged.

Not working for me.

Not working for me.

I guess I will forge ahead and keep reading, but I kinda don’t want to.  Once I start a book, I am determined to finish it.  I have read some bad books before, and I should have put them down, but I went ahead and read them until the end.

One was “The Four Ms. Bradwells”, by Meg Waite Clayton, which, at only 321 pages, actually took four or five grueling days to complete.  The characters bored me, and the storyline was weak.  But I finished it.  And then I immediately sold it for credit at a used book store.

More like, "The four days I wish I could have back!"

More like, “The four days I wish I could have back!”

Another regretful read for me was “The Other Queen”, by Philippa Gregory.  This was a bit longer at 438 pages, and I think it took me over a week to sludge through it.  I felt like she wrote about 5 or 6 original pages and then just repeated herself over and over and over again.

More like "The Other...", ahh, never mind!

More like “The Other…”, ahh, never mind!

So, I’d like to hear from you guys; any books out there of which you forced yourself to finish like a plate of liver and onions?  Should I abandon ship and pick something else up?  Has anyone else struggled with “Son of a Witch?”

I am nothing if not tenacious and true, but I kinda want to get started on something else.

About a month ago, I posted a piece about not being able to write anything due to a skull funk.  I am having a similar issue right now, except with reading.  Is it the book, or is it me?



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3 responses to “Don’t You Just Hate it When…

  1. I hate to admit it, but when I really just can’t “get into something” I eventually give up. I guess it can be positive or negative. I hate to give up, but there’s so many remarkable books out there. Way more than I would ever have time to read….

  2. If I feel like I can gain something as a writer by reading the badly-written work, then I will continue on. The only exception is if….well, I can’t think of any. I feel your pain!

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