Over 100 Followers? Thanks, Guys!

Well, I reached a milestone today.  In just seven short weeks, I now have over 100 followers on my little blog.  And of those 101 people, some of you actually read what I post.  As the youngsters would say, that is totes cray cray.  The youngsters do say that, right?  I am so relevant.

Anyway, I started this blog as a way to get trained in the habit of writing with the purpose of chunking out a best-selling novel sometime this year (hah!), and I found that I actually have a lot to say.  I still have no real focus to this blog, but that is my anxiety-riddled brain in action.  Lately, I have been into music reviews and book reviews.  I still have lots of flash fiction stirring about, which is what I feel I ought to be focusing on more.

Mostly, though, I am having fun.  Thank you all for following and reading and commenting.  I appreciate all the good vibes.

I welcome all comments, ideas, suggestions, and criticisms, so please feel free to lay them on me anytime you like.

And above all, please know that I truly appreciate your visits, even if I sound snarky at times.




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2 responses to “Over 100 Followers? Thanks, Guys!

  1. That’s a great achievement! Congrats and keep it up!

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