Well, when you put it like that, then yeah, I can totally do this! (Reblogged).

Out Where the Buses Don't Run

As if Chuck Wending hasn’t already proven himself as the Internet’s Sherpa of Wordsmithery and Resident Cheerleader By Way of Clever Usage of Unbelievably Foul Language and Biting Sarcasm, now Chuck dishes out what may be his best piece of advice ever:

How to Push Past The Bullshit and Write That Goddamn Novel: A Very Simple No-Fuckery Writing Plan to Get Shit Done

Essentially, you’re going to give yourself one year’s time to write your novel. You will write five days a week, giving yourself the weekends off. That gives you 260 days to write. On those 260 days, you will write 350 words. That is all.

350 words x 260 days = 91,000 words, or nearly 400 pages.

Of course, you’ll need to edit this once you’re done. But it’s totally doable. Who’s with me?

Look, Chuck’s even created a pretty chart!

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