Ken Kesey Interview (excerpt)


Do you believe that an author imposes his own cultural vision on his readers in this way? 


I think that the artist should feel obligated to force whatever he can upon his audience and be the authority because if he doesn’t, some advertising man will. Ronald McDonald will be out there telling people what to think. The cynic who says, Oh, none of this counts anymore, is wrong. I can remember when I thought that too. But the older you get, the more you see people in the past who have thoughts that last. Things you think you’re saying for the first time ever, have been said better before by Shakespeare, though they may need saying again. As Faulkner says, there are the old verities. Revenge is about the same as it always was.


An excerpt from “Ken Kesey, The Art of Fiction No. 136″, in The Paris Review (Spring 1994, No. 130).  Interviewed by Robert Faggin,

Read the entire interview here…


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