Skull Funk

Boy, am I in a funk right now!  I cannot seem to get anything going.  I have worked on three different writings in the last two days, and I hate everything that I have written.  Some of what I have written is gobbledygook, some is redundant, and some is pure shit.

I have had a lot on my mind lately; work, not enough work, too many days of subbing Middle Schoolers, bills, rent, etc…  Too many pressures, and I cannot clear my head enough to write.  I wish writing would come to me now as a form of therapy to free the clutter and soothe the nerves.  Instead, I find myself in a deeper funk than before I sat in front of the computer to type out my crap-terpiece.

I have no shortage of ideas, and at least I am doing the work, but I hate my entire output for the last 48 hours or so.

So, I guess this is my cue to read, and clean the apartment, and then come back and write some more.

Until then, I guess I will share my song of the month.  I hadn’t heard this song in years, and I have listened to it about 25 times in the past two weeks.  It is one of the great epics in Rock and Roll, and one of my all-time favorites.  My 12-year old son already taught himself how to play it on bass.  I am so proud.

Have a great day, folks.




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5 responses to “Skull Funk

  1. Have a great day Joel. You just need fresh eyes.

  2. Hey Joel,
    Just write until you crap all that crap . . . out. It will come. Oh, and don’t slight your abilities. I know it is inside you. ~Meyer

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