Piss Moan Bitch Gripe Grumble Snark!!!

Well, it looks as though I am not working today, which sucks.  Being a substitute teacher does not pay enough to begin with, and missing a day or two of work within the pay period can be catastrophic for me.  Yesterday, I was able to snag a last minute job to save the day, but I think that window has passed for today.  I let a couple of half-day jobs slide on a gamble that I would find a full-day job instead.  Nope.  Has not happened yet.  Therefore, I am now venting my frustration in the only way a writer knows–by writing of course, silly.

I have been trying to land a second job to supplement my main job, which pays next to nothing.  I have not found that elusive second job, but I have leads.  I hate to get negative (hate is negative, stupid!, and so is calling yourself stupid, dummy!), but I feel like all the “leads” that I find are just dead ends anyway.  I used to be a full-time Certified Massage Therapist, and so I am trying to get in with a Wellness Center, but I have let my licensing and insurances lapse, and I do not have any startup capital to get those things again.  Hell, I cannot even pay rent next month, let alone buy a state license and liability insurance.

So, with my real job paying peanuts and inconsistently giving me work, and no second job that leaves me with two options: Prostitution, or mugging people.  Honestly, I do not think that I could do either of those very well.  I try to let my creative imagination conceive of a way to rob banks or convenience stores, but I cannot do it.  I guess that is why I write fictional biographies and apocalyptic tales of survival and not murder mysteries or tales of intrigue.

I will probably take this opportunity to make lemonade out of this pile of lemons of which the world has pelted me by catching up on chores and errands and, of course, writing.  I have a few blog ideas that I have not had time to write yet.  Moreover, there is always the novel with which to continue.  I also want to practice some writing exercises to improve my technique in character development, dialogue, descriptive writing, and well, everything, really.

There are a lot of writing tips out there in Bloglandia, and I try to read as many as I can.  I believe that I am a writer, as opposed to just wanting to be a writer, and so I work to hone my craft as best I can.  I still use colloquialisms, which I know is a lazy way to express oneself in writing, but I also have a formal rigidness to my writing at times; a hangover from my grad school days.  I appreciate everything that I have been absorbing from all the other writers on this site, especially those that write about their own process of writing.  It is good to not feel so alone out here.

Now, if only I can get paid for this!  The whole reason I write at all is so that I can make a billion dollars and spend the rest of my days getting fat on some tropical island!



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4 responses to “Piss Moan Bitch Gripe Grumble Snark!!!

  1. I’ve given writing advises a couple times, but I hope nobody has taken any of them serious (here’s me hoping that someone thought I was a writer and took one my advises, wouldn’t that be nice? I’ll keep dreaming) because I’m not a writer, yet I want to win a Pulitzer, a dream of mine, we all have dreams.
    Yesterday when you mentioned the Wellness Center and you giving massages didn’t know it was for real, now I know, which is pretty cool.

  2. Become a gigolo, it pays well and the sex is better than with cats. 😉

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