Downtown Sacramento – 1/21/2013

What a beautiful day today in the greater Sacramento area!  I had to go downtown to conduct some business (prostitute myself), and I decided to document the visit.  You see, I used to live downtown, but now I live in the suburbs.  I miss being downtown.  I know it is not very far to go, but I get comfortable in the dreaded ‘burbs, and so I just stay put.  But about 8 years ago, I lived here…Image

…which is in the Boulevard Park neighborhood…Image

…and here is a much smaller Liam providing photographic evidence that this is all true…


Anyway, as I was walking about town, I thought I would take some photos and share some of my favorite places.  Here is where I discovered that live concert bootlegs were a thing…Image

…they are now dead buildings with nothing but forgotten potential.  Here is the Cathedral where my sister and I would escape the interminable masses and go rooting through those old record stores…unattended…Image

…barely into our teens, and we would sneak out of church and go cruising “K” Street…


…unattended.  Seriously, I don’t know how I am still alive.

Across the street from those defunct record shops is the ice skating rink at St. Rose of Lima Park…Image

…which I just discovered and noticed that the rink closed today…Image

…I had always heard of the place, but had no idea just where it was.  Turns out, it is right by the eastern entrance to the Downtown Plaza Mall…Image

…and next door to my friend’s Health and Wellness Center…Image

…I may be working there soon, so go there for massages…seriously…do it!

I got to see the Royal Sacramento City Mounted Police shakedown some kid, but I decided to stay out of trouble and just take their photo in between arrests…Image

…and then I got some free hugs…Image

Here is the world’s greatest old theatre (that’s right, I said it.  Suck it, Orpheum!)…


…and here is my favorite building in all of downtown Sac…Image

…I don’t know what it was originally, but it now plays home to a trendy seafood restaurant that I call McCormick and Schmucks…


Here is the greatest concert hall in the world (that’s right, I said it.  Suck it, Madison Square Garden!)…


…and the world’s greatest record store (that’s right, I said it.  Suck it, Amoeba!)…ImageImage

…I don’t even know what this place is, but I don’t think I want to go there…Image

Here’s a Pho place that may or may not kill you…Image

…and proof that downtown is really trying to be trendy, (those are fancy bars, or restaurants, or some other place I wouldn’t bother with)…Image

And here is Cesar Chavez Park, where Liam and I played Christmas Carols to the homeless on Christmas Day…Image

Today, some fine folks were giving out free lunches and toiletries…Image

Just for funsies, I stood in the middle of “J” Street and took pics up and down the main drag…


…and as I walked back to my car, I passed one of my favorite places on Earth…Image

…which is kitty corner from the City Hall (which is right across the street from Chavez Park.  I could have planned this better, I know)…Image

I paid for parking on a holiday…what a newb!…Image



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6 responses to “Downtown Sacramento – 1/21/2013

  1. I read Cesar Chavez, I and I was “What? Why would that jerk have a park named after him?, not this can’t be right, he’s practically a dictator, What’s wrong with Sacramento?”
    Then it hit me “No dumbass, that’s HUGO Chavez” and I’m in peace with Sacramento now.

  2. It was cool walking though your day with you.

    • Terry

      Joel, Thanks for the memories, after working downtown for over a decade I will always miss it: sad to bear witness to the business losses brought on by recession and a Governor’s hateful furloughs; beggars known by name, some that only came out during certain conventions; the street closures for funerals and victory celebrations; the perfection of Kim’s pho and bein man; Tony’s Italian Sub for lunch along with time at The Beat or the library; forth graders screams and squeals at the Capital (the oranges really aren’t edible but do make perfect weapons); and PROTESTS!!!..on and on .Well, at least my commute is shorter and I don’t have to see the homeless- the constant reminder from less enlightened suburbanites.

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