What the Hell Happened?

Well, this week got out-of-hand busy in a big hurry.  Last Tuesday, I wrote a piece about how I was so full of ideas for various writings that I could not even sleep.  Then, I got busy with work and an assortment of other things, and I have not written a damned thing since.  The ideas are still there, but I have not sat down in front of computer to write anything out until now.  I had my CT scan, and I have worked.  I celebrated my friend’s birthday, and took her daughter and my son to yoga, and just like that, the week went bye-bye.

Image          Last night (Friday), I spent the evening with my son, Liam, doing a jigsaw puzzle and listening to him practicing the bass guitar.  He is only 12, and such a prodigy.  It is a treat to watch him follow in my own footsteps, not that I want him to follow the exact path I took!!  I also spent part of the night reminiscing with old friends about our first band together when we were teenagers, (well, my first band; they were already rock stars by the time I joined them).  Liam asked if I remembered any of the songs from my first band, and I had to labor just to remember three (it was almost 30 years ago).  Good thing there are recordings out there somewhere.

Nevertheless, I have not done any writing.  I have not even done very much reading.  Well, that is not entirely true; I read blogs all day long, but not any of the books I had planned to read.  Too busy.

I really want to get back to that manic mode of writing that I have enjoyed these past few weeks.  In my novel, Blue Moon Baby, poor Cody is still stuck in Des Moines.  He needs to get to New York City, but I still have him daydreaming in a cheap motel.  Have to get that boy moving!

However, there will always be time for that.  My son is with me today, and I do not plan to ignore him during that time just so I can crank out another chapter or two.  I am only writing now because he is in the shower.  I guess that part of being a writer (for some of us, anyway) is finding the balance between writing and the rest of our lives.  When I am knocked upside the skull by inspiration, then I will drop everything and write, but I will not waste precious moments with my son forcing words onto a page.

But when he goes back to his mama’s house tomorrow, it’s on!!



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3 responses to “What the Hell Happened?

  1. Hello,
    I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    Check it out http://thejennymacbookblog.wordpress.com/

  2. I would love it if one my kids would play the drums like me. You did blog and write… now for having time to read.

  3. We all suffer from Writer’s Block. I started my blog to help me get over mine… 🙂

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