On Scribbling

Stephen King wrote a wonderful and insightful book on writing called, On Writing.  I did not want to steal his title here since I feel that what I do at this point is far less writing and more like scribbling, except with a computer.  Stephen King writes; I babble.

I just updated my FaceBook status to, “So tired, until my head hits the pillow, and then I just want to write and write.”  It is 11:24 pm—far past my usual bedtime, especially since I have to be up at 5:45 am to get ready for work (I actually laid down at 9:30).  Tomorrow will be a boring day at a familiar school in which I sit through long 90-minute block periods of Algebra and AVID; the students will be directed to work independently, while I provide a warm adult body with a pulse to watch them.

I would really like to be sleeping right now, but I am all a-buzz with ideas for writing.  I have new blog ideas (like this one, wewt wewt!), and more depth to a different novel idea that I am toying around with (not Blue Moon Baby, although I need to put more work into that).  I also have new flashes of inspiration for a TV-show idea that I have been kicking around.  Full disclosure: I have no idea how to write TV scripts, but hey, the inspiration is there, so I just gotta go for it, right?

Perhaps I am uptight and still full of radiological juice after my CT scan today; a side effect that I have not encountered before (this was my fifth or sixth scan).  Whatever it is, I am filled with a manic desire to write and write.

Therefore, I expect that tomorrow may be a cranky day for me.  I am hoping that the high school kids that I teach tomorrow and Thursday are as laid-back and self-starting as the group I had on Monday.  After a night of no sleep, long periods of rowdy kids might make Mr. Marckx extra shouty.  We’ll see how it goes.

With all these new ideas, I do not know how to proceed with my writing.  The blogs are the easiest things, and the best way for me to burn off some steam, but I really need to continue with my novel.  However, I am at a part in the novel that requires some extra research, which feels like a lot of work, and the progress is slow and tedious.  I know now that I will have to edit so much of what I have already written, and so I am trying to edit as I go, which I recently read is not the best way to write.  One fellow blogger wrote a bit of writing tips that I enjoyed.  My favorite:  Keep writing, even if the words all look Welsh.  I love that.  I wish I could link the original, but I have lost it.  Anyway, it is good advice that I really need to take since I edit as I go, and waste a lot of time in the process.  (I’m sorry to steal your material, whoever your are.  I vow to find you and link you properly!).

At this point, I am just writing for practice and skill development, and I am just trying to get out of my own head so that the story tells itself.  Then I can be the next great American writer.

Nevertheless, I now have new ideas that I would like to outline for future reference.  I do not know where to keep my focus, or if I should just run wild with all my ideas and scribble bits and pieces here and there.  I feel as though I should spend the majority of my time focusing on one thing only, and then getting into the new stuff as respite from the harder work.

I get that this is all part of the process of being a writer, especially the trials and tribulations of being a new writer.  I am certain that nothing I have said here is unique to only me.  I would appreciate any advice that anyone would like to toss my way.

For now, I would just like to get some sleep.  I have a long, slow day ahead of me tomorrow, and I think that ignoring the kids so that I can write would be frowned upon by the administration.

12:47 am now. I think I’d better try to sleep again.


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